Winterization Rates 


Inside Storage:

Length includes pulpits and swim platforms, add 1ft for outboards. 

Inside storage includes; hauling boat, storing inside, launching in Spring.


8' beam or less - $63.00 per foot
8'-10' beam - $65.00 per foot
Over 10' beam -  $70.00 per foot


Outside Storage:

Length includes pulpits and swim platforms.

Haul and Launch in Spring would be an additional charge.

8' beam or less - $31.00 per foot

8'- 10' beam -      $33.00 per foot

Over 10' beam -  $37.00 per foot


Shrink wrap add $14.50 per foot of material

Boats left in storage throughout the Summer will be charged at the rate of $125 per month from 5/1 - 10/31



The bottom of all boats stored, will be painted at our convenience during the winter storage period. Price includes light scraping and sanding, taping of waterline, and one coat of paint. (Full paint includes materials, Paint Touch-up material additional). There will be additional charges if bottom paint is flaking & needs to be removed

Painting lower units and outdrives will be billed at regular hourly rates plus materials. 

.Ablative Paint: 

$22.00 per foot for 8' beam or less.
$24.00 per foot for 8' beam and under 9'6".
$26.00 per foot 9'6" beam and over.


Outboard Winterization:

We add fuel stabilizer, run and flush with fresh water, fog engine, drain gear case oil- inspect for impurities and refill, change engine fuel filters, change crankcase oil and filter, lubricate grease fittings, replace engine zincs as necessary. Parts are additional.

1 Cylinder,        2 stroke, $89;       4 stroke, $105
2 Cylinder,        2 stroke, $110;     4 stroke, $190
3 Cylinder;       2 stroke; $155;     4 stroke, $315
4 Cylinder,        2 stroke, $175;     4 stroke, $335
6 Cylinder,        2 stroke, $205;     4 stroke, $365



Inboard Winterization:

Includes labor for oil and filter changes. Parts are additional.

  • 4 Cylinder,        $285.00
  • 6 & 8 Cylinder,  $375.00

 Other Winterization charges:

Haul, Load on Customer's Trailer                              $10.00/FT.

Pressure wash and acid clean waterline                   $7.00/FT.

Marine Heads (Must be previously discharged)        $70.00

Fresh water systems                                                 $70.00

Saltwater washdown                                                 $70.00

Livewell system                                                         $70.00

Remove, clean terminals, and store battery              $40.00

R&R boat fuel filter, Check for water                         $30.00

Remove and Replace Zincs                                         T&M


Please note: we do not empty porti-potties or pumpout heads

Please have these empty before boats are brought in for storage. Thank you.



Deposit is payable in advance, balance due upon billing.

Due to the volatility of the new ethanol fuels, we cannot guarantee that the fuel system will be trouble free after storage.

All parts, materials and supplies are extra.

All inboards and I/O's will be tuned up and billed additionally.

Water systems and heads will be winterized and billed additionally at standard rates.

One pair of adequate dock lines must be left with boat.  Boats not so equipped will be supplied with and charged for same.

Stern drive units will be billed additionally for removal, replacement & greasing.

Props will be reconditioned as necessary at an extra charge.

Southold Marine Center, 49900 Main Road, Southold, NY 11971  (631) 765-3131, Fax (631) 765-3147